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21 Days of Prayer & Fasting 
January 7-27, 2024


- Leaders of Our Country:

  • President Joe Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris 

  • Supreme Court Justices: John Roberts Jr., Clarence Thomas, Stephen Breyer, Samuel Alito Jr., Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett 

  • U.S. Senators: Debbie Stabenow, Gary Peters 

  • U.S. Representatives: Jack Bergman, John Moolenaar, Hillary Scholten, Bill Huizenga, Tim Walberg, Debbie Dingell, Elissa Slotkin, Dan Kildee, Lisa McClain, John James, Haley Stevens, Rashida Tlaib, Shri Thanedar

Leaders of Our State/Region:

  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer & Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II 

  • State Representatives: Christine Morse, Julie M. Rogers, MaG Hall,

  • Kalamazoo Mayor David Anderson & Vice Mayor Jeanne Hess

  • Oshtemo Supervisor: Cheri Bell

Leaders of Our Church:

  • Foursquare Denomination President: Randy Remington

  • Overseers (Foursquare Regional and District Pastors): Bill Campbell, Antonio Simms

  • Church Council: George Steele, Noah Herron, ‘Pade Olagbemi, Aaron De La Cruz

  • Lead & Assistant Pastors: Jordan & Rachael Wall, MaGe & Zee Wiegand, Patrick & Christine Clark

  •  Directional Leadership Team: Noah Herron, Anna Herron, Bryan Robinson, Joy Hendrix, Myles & Melissa Zalewa, Patrick & Christine Clark, MaGe & Zee Wiegand, Jordan & Rachael Wall

Our Mission & Vision:

Be Revitalized, God Revitalize. People to be restored through the lifegiving message of Jesus Christ and  that they make an eternal difference.

  • Weekend Services: Pray for the lost to be saved.

  • Life Groups: Pray for group members to connect relationally and experience freedom.

  • Discovery: Pray for people to discover their God-given purpose and be motivated to take their next step.

  • Dream Team: Pray for all who serve.

2024 All-Church Focus – A Year of Enthusiasm:

Romans 12:11 (TPT) Be enthusiastic to serve the Lord, keeping your passion toward him boiling hot! Radiate with the glow of the Holy Spirit and let him fill you with excitement as you serve him

God help us to be enthusiastic in our Praise & Worship, Serving people, Your honor and Prayer.

Every Day Prayer Focus

  • Humble ourselves. Asking for forgiveness
    for our sins and the sins of our land.

  • Seeking God. Declaring our dependence on
    God in every area of our lives.

  • His Kingdom Come. Praying for the
    completion of the Great Commission and for
    revival in our generation.

  • Hear from Heaven. Inviting the Presence of
    God in our church and our lives (souls
    saved, signs, wonders, miracles, and
    transformed lives.)

  • Next Steps. Praying for all people in their
    journey of faith to Know God, Live in
    Freedom, Discover & Fulfill Purpose

  • Believing God for answered prayer to our
    specific needs (Connection Cards, Pastoral
    Care Update Cards, and prayer requests).



Week 1

Jan 7 – (Church service prayer)
Jan 8– Our Leaders – Nation, State, and City (1
Timothy 2:1-2)
Jan 9 – Our Pastors, Church Staff, Directional
Leadership Team, Small Group Leaders,
Dream Teamers, Overseers, Church Council
Jan 10 – Our City – Greater Kalamazoo Area
Jan 11 – Our Nation – Revival in America
Jan 12 – Our World – international missions
(leadership training and church planting),
the Gospel in Israel
Jan 13 – Worship

Jan 14– (Church service prayer)
Jan 15 – The Lost – services, lifesavers, family
Jan 16 – Life Groups – leaders, members, real
life change
Jan 17 – Equip and Dream Team – leadership
development, covering over every
leader, fresh vision
Jan 18 – Children and Students
Jan 19 – Local Schools
Jan 20 – Worship

Week 2

Week 3

Jan 21– (Church service prayer)
Jan 22 – Families and marriages
Jan 23 – Our Church’s vision for 2024 –
building projects, finances, leaders, missions
(local and global)
Jan 24 – My personal vision for 2024 – freedom
from habits, debt, relationships,
ministry, reaching my full potential
Jan 25 – Personal freedom and deliverance –
breakthrough in every area!
Jan 26 – Our specific needs (finances, health,
family members to be saved and other
personal needs.) Pray for the sick –
anoint with oil.
Jan 27 – Worship



 The goal of fasting is to draw near to God. It hits the reset button of our soul and renews us form the inside out. When deciding on a fast, we encourage you to seek God in prayer and follow what the Holy Spirit leads you to do. Types of Fast:

  • Selective Fast-involves removing certain elements from your diet

  • Partial Fast-involves abstaining from eating any type of food between certain times of the day or certain meals

  • Complete Fast-In this type of fast, you drink only liquids, typically water with light juices as an option. • Soul Fast-A great option if you do not have much

  • Soul Fast-A great option if you do not have much experience fas+ng food, have health issues that prevent you from fasting food, or if you wish to refocus certain areas of your life that are out of balance. For example, you might choose to stop using social media or watching television during the fast.



 Read the Bible every day: One of the ways we get to Know God better is through His word. The Bible is God’s word written to us personally. We encourage everyone to join us in this 21 day devotional

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 6.54.03 PM.png



Every Wednesday  from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM (Adult Sanctuary)


Fasting isn’t just about giving something up. It’s also about giving of yourself.

  • Serve on the Revitalize Dream Team

  • Show acts of kindness wherever you go (i.e. pay for
    someone’s coffee, open the door for other people,

  • Smile, encourage those around you.

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